It’s a done deal — Dan and I were married last Friday!


Our parents and siblings came out for a long weekend. It actually poured rain most of the days due to a rare storm system — boo. Still, we had tons of fun together and there were enough clear patches for us to go to the zoo and the ocean, play giant jenga and cornhole, and introduce them to our friends over s’mores and games.


On the wedding day my dad made my bouquet from grocery store flowers, and even though my hair appointment ran super late due to a traffic jam, we all made it to the courthouse (barely) on time.


A mumbly judge led us through the world’s fastest civil ceremony. Afterward, I kept saying “I can’t believe we’re already married! That was so quick!!”


The rain let up for a few professional portraits…


And then we were off to a delicious dinner at a La Jolla restaurant.


Dan surprised me by carrying me across the threshold when we got home — he’s secretly a romantic, aww.


We aren’t honeymooning right away, as we’re saving time off for a bigger family celebration in June in Ohio, and then hopefully an international trip within the next year. So it was back to work on Monday… and my firm kicked off our website redesign project on Tuesday! No rest for the newlywed.

Next I’ll be sharing a few wedding planning posts (though there wasn’t much to plan!) and also stay tuned for professional photos in a few weeks!


4 thoughts on “Married!

  1. Awww! Yay!!! So so so happy for you two, words cannot even describe. I loved meeting your family and also, I didn’t know Gary Busey was your judge!!! LOL.

    • Not yet, but it’s on the way! I’m collecting all our family’s photos via dropbox and soon I’ll put the best in a cohesive album and email a link :)

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