Funky little details

Our old house has lots of cool or quirky details that you rarely see in new construction…

Push-button light switches! Most throughout the house are modern, but a few of these original ones control outdoor lights.


Skylights in the bathroom give flattering natural light.


Charming crystal knobs on all the doors and built-ins.


Thick molding over doors and windows, and crown molding in a few rooms.


Rope-and-pulley single-pane windows. Some work while others are stuck shut…


Wacky salt and pepper shakers built into the top of the stove (pardon the grime… let’s just say it’s historical too).


What’s your favorite? Does your place have funky little details?


2 thoughts on “Funky little details

  1. historical grime..! hehe that tickles me. LOVE the molding over your doorways. definitely on the wish list for future houses. also, please explain these salt and pepper shakers. do they lift out…?

    sadly, our bland little apartment has no quirky details. though i DO feel like kissing the dishwasher every other day. love. it.

    • Yeah, the salt and pepper shakers lift up and out! It’s sooo strange. I think your apartment has at least two quirky details, in its residents ;) Dishwashers are the BEST.

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