Bad omens

Remember how three days ago, falling water destroyed my herb garden?

Well, that was NOTHING compared to today.

We woke up to this sight.


Would you like to see a little closer?


That’s right. Turns out our next door neighbors turned on their washing machine and left for breakfast. The pipe busted and overflowed all over their apartment, flooded ours, and even seeped down three more floors.

Here’s the current state of things:


Our building management has been super responsive and sent a crew right away. But they say it’s going to take three or four days to clean up, and they might even have to replace the wall.

The good news is that nothing valuable — electronics, paperwork, best furniture — has been damaged. Except maybe the keyboard. You saw how it was flooded above. I’m going to let it dry out before trying to plug it in.

Seriously, that’s the final straw. I am really over apartment/condo living.


2 thoughts on “Bad omens

  1. out out out get out. outta there. whyyyyyy is it not the right time? i meant to ask that in the last one you just wrote. where you said it’s not the right time to move.

    • Well, moving is a huge timesuck and moneypit. Other than the flood our apartment is good enough. And we’d rather be focusing on our freelance/self employment plans… But, I did just email the listing to see if it’s available for a tour this weekend…

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