Goal Progress: It Begins

Guess what?

I have clients. TWO clients. I bid on jobs on Elance, and they hired me. I’ve earned money (though not much yet). It’s in my bank account. And I got my first feedback:


Pinch me!

It’s been quite an experience so far. Two clients (including the one who skyped me) awarded Elance projects on the exact same day. I’m amazed that they took a chance on me, since I didn’t have any feedback yet.

The feedback above was for a really quick project I finished within two days. The client LOVED it. He didn’t ask for any revisions. It was a sample, a trial run for hiring out the rest of his website project, and I passed. He wants to give me more work!

The other project was more involved and I’m still working on it. Actually, it started out badly — the client didn’t like my first draft. He was polite but very disappointed because I didn’t achieve the tone he wanted. He sent some specific concerns and a sample of another passage he liked, and asked for a full rewrite or he’d have to cancel the job.

At first I was really upset but then I thought about it more. In my regular working life everything goes through tons of revisions before it’s published. Revisions are needed to hone in on the right tone and message. It’s rare for anything to go like the other job where it’s right on target with the first draft.

So I did a full rewrite and sent it to him with a cheerful explanation of multiple drafts being normal in copywriting, since I think he’s never worked with a writer before. I held my breath… and it worked! That next draft was much closer to what he wanted. He sent a few reasonable revisions, and is happy with the final result. We’re moving on to the remaining parts of his project with no more cancellation threats. I hope he ends up satisfied overall.

In other news, I met up with a friend who’s a graphic designer to discuss branding my business. We had bartered for some services and it’s her turn to help me out. I’d like a logo (probably just my name, but designed nicely, and maybe with some kind of mark or symbol) and business cards. Unfortunately, it turned out that my ideas aren’t organized enough yet to actually get her started. I’ll have to do some serious brainstorming to pin down my brand and requirements enough that I can send her some design specs. But at least we had fun catching up over dinner (at Punjabi Tandoor, thanks for the recommendation Karen)!

It’s hard to believe I’m actually gaining momentum. I have managed to get freelancing work done despite my day job, an obnoxious illness (started with a cough, moved to sinuses, approaching four weeks long now, doctor didn’t help), and my parents’ visit (which I’ll show you photos from soon, promise). Now I need to wrap up the second project and resume seeking out new clients. Don’t want progress to halt just when it’s begun.