Artichoke Flop


Artichokes were on sale this week, so I bought one. I planned to steam it and serve it with a spicy garlic mayo dip, restaurant style.

They’re an awfully intimidating-looking vegetable, aren’t they? But the instructions I found seemed so simple that it couldn’t go wrong. After trimming and rinsing, all I needed to do was steam the artichoke for 25-45 minutes over water with garlic, bay, and lemon. When you can easily pull off an outer leaf, it’s supposedly ready to eat.


No leaves pulled off at 25 minutes. Nor at 45. At this point we dejectedly ate the rest of our dinner, which I’d been keeping warm. The middle leaves pulled off around 65 minutes and I was sick of cooking the thing, so we tried them. No dice. The flesh just wouldn’t scrape off the leaves with our teeth as it has when I’ve eaten restaurant artichokes.

So we dismantled the whole thing to get at the heart. It was rather disappointing too. But at least I got this otherworldly photo of artichoke innards.


Do any of you have ideas? Do you think my artichoke was too old or poor quality, or I cooked it wrong? I don’t want to be defeated by a thistle!


7 thoughts on “Artichoke Flop

  1. Boil them in lemon water for ~30 minutes until you can easily pierce the underside with a fork. They are ready then, but then I like to scoop out the fuzz, fill with blue cheese and some cream and bake them for 20 minutes or so. I had one Monday night like that :)

  2. Omg, Dan was telling me about the artichokes on the car ride home last night. I laughed so hard. It was neat getting the artichoke debacle story from both perspectives. I too have wanted to tackle the alien artichoke for quite some time but like I was telling Dan, my mom never cooked with them and the first time I tried them fresh like that was with you guys at Yard House that one night. Otherwise I generally stick to the marinated kind.

    Anyways, when I was researching around a couple months ago, there seemed to a few recommendations for cooking them in the crockpot that you might want to peruse and experiment with. Happy artichoke cooking! :)

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