Meal plan 05.03.13

Can you believe it’s May already? We’re heading fast toward a fun-filled summer packed with plans. Today it even hit 90 degrees. I love this time of year! This week’s meals include more grilling (as long as we refill our propane), and a summery chilled pasta salad.

(images from links below)

  • Friday: Padres game — our tickets came with unlimited hot dogs!
  • Saturday: Mom’s pasta salad (save leftovers for weekday lunches)
  • Sunday: Breakfast: Chai spiced banana bread. Dinner: Thai fried quinoa
  • Monday: Leftovers (getting home late)
  • Tuesday: Grilled chicken with mango salsa
  • Wednesday: Burgers with roasted or grilled sweet potato wedges
  • Thursday: Bar trivia with friends

Recently I’m regretting how rarely I make it to the farmers market. Do you have any good strategies for getting out and about on weekend mornings?


3 thoughts on “Meal plan 05.03.13

  1. tip: i don’t let myself drink the coffee at home. the coffee vendor at the market is a delicious, reasonably priced treat/bribe that gets me out the door! especially to avoid those killer withdrawal headaches…

  2. I probably took way too much advantage of those unlimited hot dogs Friday night lol and nutty sticky banana bread for me all the way sister! :P

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