Remembering Grandma


My grandma was so devoted to her music that she brought her grand piano to assisted living. It dominated the small apartment. But it was worth it. Even as dementia dulled her awareness, she could play fully harmonized songs from memory while grandpa hummed the bass line.

Today would have been her 90th birthday. So this weekend, I’ll listen to Debussy and Widor and Joplin and remember her tiny form perched happily on the bench, hands flying across the keys.


Seeking balance

Did you miss me? I haven’t been posting regularly the past few weeks because I’ve been slowly writing down thoughts that turned into a kind of manifesto. If you’re interested in my navel-gazing, in which I ponder a possible solution to the past six years of angst, do please read on. I don’t expect this to apply to anyone other than myself. But if you’re facing similar challenges, maybe reading my thoughts might help you begin to organize your own. So, here it goes: an essay on the meaning of life. Continue reading

Meal plan 05.17.13

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Last week I finally found rhubarb at the store and turned it into a delicious crumb cake. There’s some left over, and if it’s still in good condition this afternoon, I’ll make some sweet bread or maybe save it for pork with sweet onion-rhubarb sauce. Have you ever frozen rhubarb? I tried it once and wasn’t too happy with the results, so maybe you have tips.

Meal plan 05.03.13

Can you believe it’s May already? We’re heading fast toward a fun-filled summer packed with plans. Today it even hit 90 degrees. I love this time of year! This week’s meals include more grilling (as long as we refill our propane), and a summery chilled pasta salad.

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  • Friday: Padres game — our tickets came with unlimited hot dogs!
  • Saturday: Mom’s pasta salad (save leftovers for weekday lunches)
  • Sunday: Breakfast: Chai spiced banana bread. Dinner: Thai fried quinoa
  • Monday: Leftovers (getting home late)
  • Tuesday: Grilled chicken with mango salsa
  • Wednesday: Burgers with roasted or grilled sweet potato wedges
  • Thursday: Bar trivia with friends

Recently I’m regretting how rarely I make it to the farmers market. Do you have any good strategies for getting out and about on weekend mornings?