Sewing Success: Buttonholes

Guys, I did it! I conquered buttonholes! Here is my first usable attempt compared to a final draft (you can tell a lot of practice happened in between).


I’ve been sewing since I was quite young, maybe 5. Mom started me on plastic canvas needlepoint and soon enough I was attempting cross-stitch patterns. I don’t remember when I started on the sewing machine, but I do remember refashioning cutoff jean legs into pants for my American Girl doll around age 8 or 10. And I made blackout curtains for my bedroom in junior high. But I never did much apparel sewing until last year.

All this is to say that after more than two decades of experience with thread and fabric, I am finally capable of making buttonholes. Hooray!

Turns out it’s not that hard, by the way. It just took a while, with help from some awesome sewing blogs, to decipher the instructions from my grandma’s 1950s Singer. Soon I plan to do a whole post on that amazing machine.

For now, I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of the garment that received the buttonholes:


It’s a chambray shirt dress! I’ll share final photos once I work out a few fit issues with the skirt. Fitting is the hardest part for me.


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