Meal plan 04.12.13

As you can see, I haven’t planned meals in a while. After we hosted several houseguests in a row I fell off the planning wagon. But as usual, it’s been more hectic and less efficient without a plan, so today I took the time to make one.

2013-04-12-meals (images from links below. you like how I balance those pancakes with green stuff? :)

  • Friday: Out and about
  • Saturday: Breakfast: sour cream pancakes. Dinner: grill burgers & dogs
  • Sunday: My mom’s slow cooker chicken tortilla soup
  • Make-ahead lunch: Green wraps (with homemade hummus if I get ambitious)
  • Monday: Leftovers (getting home late)
  • Tuesday: Green pesto plate
  • Wednesday: Leftovers (getting home late)
  • Thursday: Pork chops and roasted broccoli

This month I cooked lentils for the first time. They were good! My friend recommended a dal recipe with rhubarb and I really want to try it, but haven’t found any at the store yet. I’m also craving rhubarb buttermilk quickbread. Is it in season where you are?


6 thoughts on “Meal plan 04.12.13

  1. I wish I could hire you as my personal chef! Lentils are amazing. I used to cook them up with canned tomatoes, taco seasoning, onions, celery, and bell pepper into a chilli style soup. Top it off with cheese and greek yogurt and you have a fiesta in your mouth! (I literally ate this for weeks during my student teaching because it was so easy to make a big batch and take to school everyday to warm up).

    By the way, I tried the yoga video yesterday. I made it through the first two sets fine, but quit a quarter of the way through the third set. I will try again today. I will conquer his moves! Mark my words!

    • Yummm, your lentil fiesta sounds right up my alley, I’ll have to try it! Oh and yeah Rodney poses quite the challenge, I can rarely make it through that whole video. Feels so good/sore when you do.

      • how did the pancakes turn out? they sound utterly divine.

        rodney is a BEAST. i should make a date with him soon…

      • They were tasty, but not utterly divine. Unfortunately I’m still on the hunt for a favorite pancake recipe! Nobody can make them like my grandpa did (even though he used box mix, we can never replicate the goodness).

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