Weekend update

Due to recent inquiries from my adoring public (haha) I realized that it’s been 12 days since I posted anything. When life gets busy I start ignoring things — first laundry, of course, and then this blog. But this afternoon I finally have some quiet time to throw in a load of darks and publish a few updates.


It was a nuts two weeks at work. I don’t like to talk much about work online because I prefer to keep separate my private and professional worlds. But to summarize, I had two major deadlines that required a lot of focus and some overtime. Both turned out well but came down to the wire and left me super drained. I’m really good at working quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines but I am NOT good at working long hours. With no sunshine or exercise, and no time to cook or get enough sleep, I turn into a cranky zombie.


Did I mention not eating well? In the middle of all this overtime, our apartment sink backed up and started leaking. I sent this photo and explanations to our landlord and he came right over the next day, but our building water was shut off for a separate maintenance issue so he wasn’t able to fully fix it until the following day. And the dishes just piled up and up and up.

But don’t worry, lots of good things have happened too! Like Friday, when I got off work early, got the whole apartment clean, read a book on the balcony in the sunshine, and met friends for pizza and wine at 4:30pm. A great start to the weekend.


Last Saturday I made fluffy blueberry muffins. The ratio of fresh blueberries to batter was awesome, but they were much more biscuity than cakey and not very sweet. We decided they were almost like blueberry shortcake. Would’ve been great with sweet cream.


Dan and I took a beautiful sunset walk around Lake Miramar. The east part of the five-mile path is full of nature sounds and lush vegetation that’s rare in San Diego, while the west part crosses a tall dam with sweeping views of Mira Mesa.


And yesterday we visited another local reservoir, Lake Ramona in Poway, with two new friends J & A. We were introduced by one of Dan’s coworkers, joined them at their place last Sunday to watch the Oscars, and met up again yesterday for a hike and lunch at the Mission. The hike wasn’t too challenging but with 90 degree temps and very little shade, we were wiped out afterward. K – sorry you couldn’t come… we didn’t end up doing the one I told you about… but even though we had fun this wasn’t one of my favorite hikes!


I’ve saved the best for last. We got bikes! Real, nice-looking, well-made bikes that should last us for thousands of miles. And we found them in our perfect sizes for a good price on Craigslist. I think I’ll write a separate post about them soon, so for now you can just enjoy this blurry photo of them in their new home in one of our building’s overcrowded basement bike racks. They’re the two blue ones closest to the camera.

That’s all for now, folks. This week I hope for a more sane schedule and a return to good cooking, good sleep, and good friends.


2 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. update! yaaaaah!

    hey, your public may be small but we are mighty. and adoring fo sho. and adorable, right?

    so many things! here’s to getting your life back in balance after a hectic couple weeks.

  2. Haha thanks for the shout out! I love Miramar Lake. Believe it or not I use to run it everyday back when I lived in Mira Mesa during the 2010-2011 school year. I also took Matt there for one of our first dates – armed with a chessboard and a luxurious spread of pineapples, olives, and chocolate :).

    I’m sad I missed the hike too. It’s been awhile since my last one… Hikes in Poway always seem to lack shade. Good thing you went last week! The rainclouds are a rolling in.

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