Quiet holiday


Monday was one of my favorite kinds of days — no work, no plans, lots of sunshine. Yoga set the tone for the morning, followed by a bagel, coffee, and a good book. All day long a savory barbecue aroma wafted from the kitchen thanks to babyback ribs in the slow cooker. After nearly a year on the balcony, our dwarf Meyer lemon tree yielded its very first edible fruit! I crocheted a few rows of blanket and caught up on some emails. My new food processor made an outstanding debut with homemade hummus, and I even took the extra effort to shell the chickpeas for a velvety smooth texture. After a long walk along the bayfront at sunset I shared a delicious meal with Dan when he got home. Sigh… I really could get used to this kind of day. Hope your day was lovely as well, holiday or not.


3 thoughts on “Quiet holiday

  1. i want to chomp into that lemon. i want to snuggle in the blanket. i have a zucchini hummus recipe for you even though i haven’t tried it yet myself. those ribs are MINE. gimme.

    your day sounds purrrrrfect. my morning was spent running errands around town for/with mom and sharing a barbeque lunch. then i napped for three hours and moved some more stuff over to the house. then i went on yet another first date with yet another boy. collect them all!

      • welp tonight and the next two nights i’ll be holed up at work from 8-945 EST. i’d be happy to have a chitchat or long winded texts regarding the boy. plus i’d love to hear about these engaging, intelligent folks you hiked with. they sound fabulous and obviously i only recognize k + m. i shall send you the zucchini link!

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