Meal plan 02.18.13

Due to a fun and busy weekend I didn’t post my menu plan on Friday as usual, so this one covers a few days less than normal.

(images from recipes linked below)

I’m most intrigued by the slow cooker ribs. Can they really be good compared to restaurants that have big smokers and fancy equipment? We shall see!


2 thoughts on “Meal plan 02.18.13

    • YUM RIBS! They weren’t that hard to find at the store. At Ralphs they were labeled “pork back ribs” and I asked the butcher to make sure they were the same thing. They were $11 for 2.25 lbs (I made about half the recipe) which was enough for 3 medium-large servings. I didn’t add anything to my BBQ sauce – used a hickory flavor where the first ingredient was tomato, not corn syrup. Dan would like me to try sweetening the sauce next time as recommended in the recipe. I didn’t carmelize it at the end because we just wanted to eat! They were delicious – not as good as a restaurant, but very tender and way better than I figured could happen at home.

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