Meal plan 02.08.13

That broiled grapefruit from last week was really delicious! The sweet warm fruit with tart creamy yogurt and crunchy granola was a perfect combination. Like awkward little kids, though, we both had trouble eating the grapefruit. As in, separating the fruit bits from the membranes. Silly, eh? I will make it again, but section it first.


Dan’s traveling for business this coming week so I get to make some things I love that he’s not as fond of. Small consolation though — I miss him during these trips. Sigh… Anyway, here’s this week’s meal plan:

  • Friday: Leftover chicken burrito with pineapple avocado salsa
  • Saturday: Out and about
  • Sunday: My parents’ stovetop BBQ chicken with new potatoes
  • Monday: I’m invited as a friend’s plus-one to a Yelp Elite event!
  • Tuesday: Pasta with roasted asparagus tomato caper sauce
  • Wednesday: Leftovers (getting home late)
  • Thursday: Enchiladas

Happy Valentine’s week by the way! We don’t usually celebrate it so I’m not especially sad we won’t be together for the holiday. But maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to bake something sweet just for me. That’s fair, right?


3 thoughts on “Meal plan 02.08.13

    • Oh he looooooooooooooves that recipe!!! I made it last night before he left for the trip today. He even asked to have the leftovers for breakfast (to each his own, haha) but I’m keeping them for myself :)

  1. well that is a relief! i thought that recipe was lumped under “things he’s not as fond of.” i prefer hamburgers for breakfast, myself. ha ha!

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