My first crocheted hat


My very first handmade hat is finished! …kind of. After it spent a long time looking like a doily, it did eventually become hat-shaped — but suddenly way too big, and more like a beret than the intended beanie. As a slow-stitching newbie I decided I’d rather make it beret-shaped than rip out stitches. So I decreased a few rows to see what would happen. The girls at my crafting circle said it was theoretically a cute style on me, but none of us are convinced that it turned out completely okay. I think I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience. At least I’m really good at the single crochet stitch now!


For info about the pattern, yarn, hook, etc, check out my Ravelry project sheet.


3 thoughts on “My first crocheted hat

  1. it IS super cute. that color is perfect on you! though i’m not sure who’s head that original pattern would fit. even my substantial noggin would be swimming in there. will you be trying another pattern with your new skillzzzz?

    • Thanks!! I love the color too but am still unconvinced about the shape. As for the weird size, I’m sure I messed up in counting stitches or using the wrong hook/yarn combo or something, because tons of people on Ravelry made beanies successfully with the same pattern. And yes I’ve already started a new project :) photos soon!

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