Meal plan 01.04.13

Hello 2013! You snuck up on me, but it’s nice to see you.


We just got back from an epic 9-day trip to Ohio, where we managed to fill every hour of every day with friends and family. It was wonderful but exhausting. Tuesday at midnight our flight landed back in San Diego and I was at work by 7:30am the next day (okay, closer to 8). The fridge was completely bare so we subsisted on freezer food and stale saltines until I made it to the grocery after work yesterday. Hooray!

This week’s meal plan (starting yesterday):

  • Thursday: Grilled chicken with mango salsa (I loooove this recipe and have made it several times now — my only sub is chicken instead of tilapia)
  • Friday: Leftovers / forage
  • Saturday: Dad’s beef stew (I’ve been craving this for months!)
  • Sunday: My parents’ awesome spaghetti recipe
  • Monday: Leftovers / forage
  • Tuesday: Burgers / dogs on grill
  • Wednesday: Leftovers / forage
  • Thursday: Pork chops with apple and onion and roasted broccoli

I’m excited to use one of my Christmas gifts on beef stew night — a beautiful enameled dutch oven (red to match Dan’s beloved toaster). Thanks Mom!


Over vacation I brainstormed lots of fun ideas for upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned. I won’t promise they’ll come fast, but I’m excited to write them.

What meals are you craving this week?


One thought on “Meal plan 01.04.13

  1. that is my fave picture of you two so far. so stinkin cute.

    it was ridiculously good good hang out with you guys during your epic return. i’m drinking the coffee y’all left behind as a souvenir. plus it’s delicious.

    that dutch oven is beeeeeautiful! what a great gift.

    after behaving myself amazingly over the holidays, i’m craving all the carbs. all of them.

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