Learning to crochet

In college, my friends were obsessed with crochet and knitting. They used it to relieve stress from studying and also to do good — one friend even started a chapter of Warm Up America, the charity that collects homemade blankets for those in need. But at the time I was majoring in art so I didn’t feel the need for extra acts of creation in my day. The most involved I got was to make this photo of my friend in all her yarny glory:

Yeah, it was pretty nuts.

Fast forward eight years from that photo, and I got the itch to find a portable handcraft to keep me occupied during holiday plane travel. So I decided to learn crochet. Sadly none of those friends live near me anymore so I relied on amazing internet tutorials (here’s the article I found most helpful). After lots of false starts, I made a good sample!

What to do next? I wasn’t confident enough to jump into a big project, so I looked around for ideas. This adorable little snowman was the winner: it uses only single crochet stitches, and it links to a great tutorial for starting a round object with a magic ring.

And I actually did it! It looks kind of like the pattern photo!

I learned that I stitched it inside out, which causes those diagonal ridges. And I really need to work on the embroidery — the features look kind of like an 8-year-old did them. But I have to say I’m super proud of my first crochet project! I even started a Ravelry account because it gives access to tons of free patterns from generous people around the world.


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