Brain on tilt

When things get overwhelming at work, this blog is apparently the first thing to give. Producing my company’s Thanksgiving cards for clients was a big part of the stress (not my artwork — wish I could claim it).

If I spend 10 hours slaving away at the computer, can you blame me if I avoid it during what’s left of the evening? So until I recover enough brainspace to do more regular posts, here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to.

Taught myself to crochet…

And knit (not as successful, yet).

Cooked an Indian curry.

Sewed a secret project for a friend’s upcoming baby — more photos later!

Explored the Balboa Park cactus garden on a sunny Saturday.

Baked my family’s carrot cake recipe for Dan’s birthday, and shared it with friends.

Climbed Cowles Mountain with no trouble…

But had great difficulty hiking Three Sisters Falls (which were dry by the way — bummer).

Made (and loved!) a salad based on raw shredded brussels sprouts. My eight-year-old self is terribly concerned that I’ve gone off the deep end with that one.

Got a haircut.

What have you been up to this November?


One thought on “Brain on tilt

  1. omg, HAIR. k, had to get that out of the way. don’t ever let your new haircut lady go. and imma schedule me an appt the next time i get out there. ridiculous. you’re freaking gorgeous. gah!

    anyways, the old ball and chain is lookin’ pretty good too! love that picture and i bet the cake was delish.

    i hate to say it but that salad looks pretty darn tasty. we are officially adults.

    also, hats off to you for learning to knit using teeny wooden needles. i think it looks fab. if you reach a frustration wall, thick plastic needles are tres easier to deal with, especially when you’re learning. though by the looks of your work you may be past that stage.

    and YES I CAN BLAME YOU FOR NOT UPDATING. you have an audience depending on new posts for vicarious living purposes because ohio is too dark and cold to live out our own real lives. just kidding! (ish)

    but to answer your question, in november: i got addicted to sugar, met my neighbor’s new miniature baby, started yoga mondays with mindy, got addicted to homeland ( ), fell into my clinical depression AGAIN and scrambled my way out of the hole with help from an alien life form scientifically known as “boyfriend” who apparently is good at being caring and shit. who knew? things are looking up.

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