Delicious date night

Our fancy Friday dinner turned out great! I planned to pick up my boyfriend from the airport and surprise him with goat cheese & tomato jam mini garlic toasts, marinated grilled steaks, fresh green salad, and chocolate velvet dessert. Everything was sooooo delicious.

The tomato jam was surprisingly easy to make. But it was too sweet for our taste, so next time I want to reduce the sugar, increase the salt and jalapeno, and swap the spices for more savory herbs. It’s not the recipe’s fault — I just want a zestier version. My boyfriend’s favorite part was how good the buttered, toasted bread tasted with the goat cheese.

My favorite part was the chocolate velvet — anyone surprised? (Pardon the iphone photo…) It was rich and dark chocolatey and made enough leftovers for the next few days. I learned that the cookie crumbs make it hard to eat from narrow glasses without spilling everywhere. So even though the presentation is lovely, I’d serve it in glass bowls next time instead.

Any suggestions for our next gourmet dinner?


4 thoughts on “Delicious date night

  1. so what else would you use tomato jam with?

    my suggestion is BACON!!

    also, i have discovered the wonders of plantains. if you want doughnut holes, mash up a super ripe one with tons of cinnamon and fry globs of it in butter. sprinkle with powdered sugar to taste. inhale. if you want pancakes, mash up a super ripe one with tons of cinnamon and one egg and fry it in gobs of butter. add toppins to taste. inhale.

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