Meal plan 10.12.12

My first week of meal planning went pretty well! The only thing I didn’t get around to was the Greek chicken kebabs. A pack of ravenous wolves ate all the brisket and the Hawaiian pork burgers weren’t very exciting. But that’s okay, because at least I never had a “what should I cook tonight” moment in front of the fridge.

My boyfriend is out of town next week so I don’t think I’ll cook much.

  • Saturday: Enchiladas (planned for today, but I’ll be out with friends)
  • Sunday: My parents’ awesome spaghetti recipe
  • Monday: Leftovers (getting back late from Zumba)
  • Tuesday: Wrap stuffed with hummus, avocado, pickles, green onion, baby spinach, and turkey (TRY IT! the pickles are key)
  • Wednesday: Out with friends
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: Eat out with boyfriend once I pick him up from the airport!

I started off the weekend with these awesome oatmeal chocolate chip brown butter cookies (minus the nuts and coconut).

Soft and chewy, flavorful and not too sweet. Any takers?


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