Field trip

Yesterday I got to leave work for a couple hours. We had an urgent need for photos of a particular parking garage. STAT!

In my line of work I rarely leave the office. Actually, I rarely leave the desk. So this two-hour trip in the bright sunshine felt like going on an awesome secret pirate adventure. Maybe that was because I even had a treasure map to show me what photos to take.

Yes, it made perfect sense, but only because I was there while it was drawn/explained.

I felt a little odd wearing this… While they were all wearing that… But I didn’t get too many weird looks. Except now I’m giving myself a weird look because the way those photos are combined makes it look like I’m photographing his butt.

Anyway… The icing on the cake of this little adventure? The site was near my boyfriend’s office, so we got to meet up for a quick lunch.

That brown bag held a chocolate chip cookie for about 17 seconds. CHOMP.


2 thoughts on “Field trip

  1. 1. now THAT’S a great way to wear the dress!

    2. what goes around comes around. a little accidental creepin’ on construction workers never hurt anyone. hilarious photo placement.

    3. who’s that handsome devil? so fun!

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