Barbecue brisket and the ravenous wolves

Sunday, my boyfriend had a dozen guys over to play cards. I slow-cooked a four-pound barbecue brisket, baked a 9×13 dish of cheesy scalloped potatoes, and set out a salad bar. These guys devoured every last crumb in moments! They ate it all so fast I didn’t even get a picture, but you’ll have to trust me that it was a gorgeous spread. I was sad not to have leftovers, but they made up for it by doing the dishes for me. Ohhh yeah.

You have to try this brisket because it is my midwestern grandmother’s recipe and she really knew her meat and potatoes. Need convincing? One of the guys actually asked me for a piece of bread so he could soak up the rest of the bbq gravy!

It’s super easy — all you need is three ingredients and four hours.

Barbecue beef brisket recipe

  • 3 to 5 lbs brisket, uncorned (I bought two 2-lb briskets)
  • oil (olive or veg)
  • 12-18 oz bottle of your favorite bbq sauce (I like hickory flavor sauce for this recipe, and I make sure the first ingredient is tomato, not corn syrup)

Trim any excess fat from the meat. Find a very large skillet with a lid. Heat skillet on high and add oil. Sear brisket on both sides. (If you’re like me and you have two briskets, or if you have a giant one that you need to cut in half, sear meat in two pans. Put both in one pan before slow-cooking.) Drain grease, turn heat to low, and put on the lid. Over the next few hours the beef magically renders liquid and cooks in its own juices. Let it cook three hours and add the BBQ sauce. Cook about another hour or until it’s fork-tender. Slice thin across the grain (I use an electric knife). Rewarm by returning to pan or placing on a platter in a warm oven. Pour sauce into a pitcher, drizzle a bit on meat, and serve.


3 thoughts on “Barbecue brisket and the ravenous wolves

  1. so this recipe sounds awesome and i’ll totally give it a shot once i stop cackling over the line “my boyfriend had a dozen guys over to play cards.”

    CARDS! bahahahahahahaaaaaa. this might take a while.

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