We’re in the middle of some bedroom decor updates. I really wanted two Merie lamps from Crate and Barrel, but at $200 each I couldn’t justify the cost. Can you believe I found the one on the right at Home Goods for $50 each? Yeah, that’s $300 less total!!

This is actually the second time I’ve found the perfect lamp there. A few weeks ago I wanted an accent lamp less than 18″ tall with an apple green base. And what did I find?

I wish I had that hookup where bloggers make money by recommending products they like, because I’d totally recommend Home Goods for lamps.


6 thoughts on “Lamps!

  1. Do you know who made the lamp you found at Home Goods? I also want 2 Merie Lamps, but i think they may be a bit larger than I’d like. Yours looks like the perfect size.

    • Hey, another Julie! I wish I could tell you the maker, but they had no branding on them at all. Just a Home Goods tag and a price. They seem taller than the Merie lamps but I’d have to measure to be sure. Hope you find a version you love :)

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