The very first doodle

I spent a lot of seventh grade filling notebooks with epic doodles.

Fifteen years later, the internet has happened, and now I’m not limited to college-ruled paper — I can make sense of my thoughts through text or photos or video or whatever medium best suits them.

Lots has happened in those years besides technology progress. College, corporate jobs, and life in general have led me away from creative writing and thinking. So today I started this blog as a place where I can write whatever comes to mind. I hope my doodle blog will help me revitalize some of the creativity that characterized my school years. Maybe I’ll work from writing prompts, or do photo challenges, or post meal plans.

Wherever this doodle blog leads me, I believe that humans are born to create — and I want to claim my birthright.


One thought on “The very first doodle

  1. mostly i was whining because a certain date told me i didn’t have hobbies and i felt judged but then rachael came to join me for coffee so i just whined to her instead and she helped me see that maybe i overreacted a smidge. thee end.

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